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How Do I Stop A Totting Up Driving Ban?

If you’ve been caught speeding one too many times, then you may be left asking yourself: ‘can I stop a totting up driving ban?’. These are issued when you accrue 12 or more penalty points on your licence in a three-year period – usually after three to four minor driving offences.

Careless Driving: Everything You Need To Know | Free Legal Advice

Penalties for careless driving can range from 3 penalty points to a driving disqualification. In more serious cases, where personal injury is caused, a person can go to prison for driving carelessly. Careless driving is defined as driving which falls below the standard of a competent driver.

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Driving Offence Solicitors UK | Free Legal Advice

Driving Offence Solicitors - M.A.J Law Ltd A reputation built on results We believe that every motorist has the right to specialist, affordable legal advice and representation, no matter what the offence. Driving has become an integral part of our daily lives. Without a driving licence, most of us…

Driving Offence Codes | CCCJS Offence Codes

Offence Codes are added to your driving licence following a motoring conviction. CCCJS codes are found on your charge sheet and tell us what offence you've been accused of. This page looks at the most common codes and what they mean. For more information, get in touch for free legal advice.

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Government to Scrap Smart Motorways

MP’s are launching a fresh inquiry into the benefits and dangers of smart motorways after a coroner said they created an “ongoing risk” of death. This comes just weeks after Highways England were referred by a coroner to prosecutors for possible corporate manslaughter after the death of a motorist..