Drug Driving

Aug 4

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Defend a fail to provide charge using needle phobia

It is a common mistake by the police when they charge someone for failing to provide a blood sample when that person has a phobia of needles. This blog aims to explore the ways in which a fail to provide conviction can be avoided.

Drug Driving and Hay Fever (Antihistamine)

Attention Hay-fever sufferers Since the introduction of the new drug driving laws, the number of motorists charged with drug driving has increased by around 140%. Naturally, one would assume that those charged with this serious offence have taken illegal drugs. But this is

How to get a Cannabis prescription 2021 | MAJ Law Solicitors

Medical Cannabis - What are the rules? M.A.J Law Ltd are a specialist team of driving defence solicitors. All our time is spent challenging police and prosecution cases on technical points of law and procedure. Our team have been fighting for clients for over 10 years.

Jun 4

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