Could you still be over the limit? Drink Driving Solicitor

How long until I can drive? – ‘Sleeping it off’ The chart below is not intended to help you work out how much you can ‘get away’ with drinking before driving. It is intended simply to give you some understanding of alcohol elimination rates and timings of alcohol absorption. You may be surprised by…

One Case Dropped Everyday – Drink Driving Victories

Last week, M.A.J. Law received five ‘Notice of Discontinuances’ from the CPS, dropping the drink driving charges against our clients. It is important to remember that the CPS rely heavily on people entering guilty pleas on the first court date. Whether the charge against you is drink driving,…

Jun 22

By MAJ Law

Drinking & Driving – Does the British Public Know the Law?

Recent research conducted by leading motoring defence firm, M.A.J. Law, has revealed public knowledge and opinions of the laws surrounding drink driving in England and Wales. Drinking whilst over the legal limit for alcohol is a serious offence, yet the general public seems to be largely uneducated…

Don’t be forced into pleading guilty

The Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association has today published guidance to Criminal Advocates in respect of initial disclosure of the prosecution’s case. You may be surprised to hear that you are not entitled to any of the evidence against you prior to a first court hearing. This limits the advice…

Feb 27

By MAJ Law

‘Make a Plea’ scheme

Motorists accused of minor motoring offences will now be able to enter a formal plea online via the government following a successful scheme. The Government’s ‘Make a plea’ programme, which has recently been trialled at Manchester Magistrates’ Court, will allow drivers to register their response to…

Sep 5

By MAJ Law

Motorised skateboard not classed as a motor vehicle say magistrates

There was a sign of relief this week for a skateboarder accused of drink-driving after magistrates’ decided his motorised skateboard was not classed as a motor vehicle. Remi Barban was arrested in May 2012 in Bury St Edmunds after police witnessed him ‘weaving from one side of the road to the other’