Apr 7

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What happens if you get 12 points on your licence

What Happens If You Get 12 Points on Your Licence? speeding (3 - 6 penalty points) using a mobile phone while driving (6 penalty points) drunk in charge (10 points) driving without due care and attention (3 - 9 points) driving without insurance (3 points)

Mar 15

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Do You Have to Declare a Driving Ban to Insurance?

Do You Have to Declare a Driving Ban to Insurance? Everything you need to know about drink driving and car insurance. The law requires all vehicles on a public road in the UK to hold a valid policy of insurance. If you plan on driving a vehicle, you must hold at least third party car insurance. Car…

Mar 8

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What is the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course?

It’s day one of a drink-drive rehabilitation course and everyone attending has a different experience to share with the group. The police breathalysed Ken after he crashed his car when driving home from a drinking session at his local. He took the risk because there were no taxis available – and his

Mar 1

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Government to Scrap Smart Motorways

MP’s are launching a fresh inquiry into the benefits and dangers of smart motorways after a coroner said they created an “ongoing risk” of death. This comes just weeks after Highways England were referred by a coroner to prosecutors for possible corporate manslaughter after the death of a motorist..

Feb 15

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How many points for drink driving? | M.A.J Law Solicitors

Will I get penalty points for drink driving? The short answer is no. Drink driving carries a mandatory minimum 12 month driving disqualification. If you plead guilty to drink driving, or if you're convicted by the court, you will be banned. There are only two circumstances where a driving ban can be