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Your second drink driving offence If you face being convicted of a second drink driving offence, you need to act fast. M.A.J. Law can explain your options and support you through the next steps. The earlier we can intervene, the sooner we can make a difference.

Drink Driving Hardship Argument | Free Advice

There are a number of different defences that apply to a drink driving charge. Just because you are over the drink driving limit does not mean you are guilty of drink driving. This blog aims to explore the ways in which a drink driving conviction can be avoided.

NHS Doctors charged with drink driving – What to do next

Drink, drug driving and failing to provide offences are serious criminal offences that can result in a custodial sentence. For Doctors in the medical profession, a criminal conviction can result in the loss of employment, particularly if you work within the National Health Service. A recent study…

Jun 24

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Can I plead not guilty to drink driving? | M.A.J Law Solicitors

Pleading not guilty to drink driving Last month we processed 33 Defence Cost Orders (DCO). A DCO is granted by the court when we win a drink driving case, whether or not is goes to trial. A DCO allows us to recover some of the legal fees paid by our clients - meaning we can give them some money…

Jun 10

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How does a drink driving breathalyser work?

When the subject blows into the breath test machine it continuously monitors the alcohol content in the whole of the breath blown. Initially, this comes from the upper respiratory tract. As the blowing continues, deep lung air begins to pass through the machine. This air is closest to the capillar..

Jun 4

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