May 26

By MAJ Law

Caught drink driving but in the military?

The impact of a driving ban on your military career We know that losing your driving licence could mean the end of your military career. For service personnel, we also know that driving is an important part of the job and allows you to travel two and from your base, barracks or area of operation.

May 23

By MAJ Law

How to get off a drink driving charge

There are a number of different defences that apply to a drink driving charge. Just because you are over the drink driving limit does not mean you are guilty of drink driving. This blog aims to explore the ways in which a drink driving conviction can be avoided.

May 17

By MAJ Law

May 10

By MAJ Law

Drug Driving and Hay Fever (Antihistamine)

Attention Hay-fever sufferers Since the introduction of the new drug driving laws, the number of motorists charged with drug driving has increased by around 140%. Naturally, one would assume that those charged with this serious offence have taken illegal drugs. But this is

How Do I Stop A Totting Up Driving Ban?

If you’ve been caught speeding one too many times, then you may be left asking yourself: ‘can I stop a totting up driving ban?’. These are issued when you accrue 12 or more penalty points on your licence in a three-year period – usually after three to four minor driving offences.