Drink Driving: A Summary Of Recent Cases


Have you been charged with drink driving? You may think the police have the correct evidence. Think again.

drink driving case summary

After several years defending motorists accused of driving with excess alcohol, and failing to provide a sample, I am constantly amazed at the poor evidence produced by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Motorists often assume that the police must have the correct evidence. Indeed, I am often informed by CPS lawyers that the police always carry out all the procedures by the book and therefore my clients have no chance. In fact, there is no book to help the police. Even the forms used to guide the police through the procedure are detailed and complicated. Time and again I find mistakes made by the police.

I thought it may interest the reader if I shared a summary of my last few cases. These are real cases, real events, real people. I have, however, changed the names of my clients. I have also withheld the police and CPS areas involved.

If you have any concerns with your own case, please contact me and I will be pleased to discuss all the options open to you. 

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