Drink Driving Ban Calculator

If you have been charged with drink driving you'll no doubt be worried about a driving disqualification. Our penalty calculator tool is based on the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines and will estimate the length of your disqualification if convicted. Remember, you can defend any drink driving charge and may not be disqualified.

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Calculate the length of your driving ban

Our drink driving penalty calculator will estimate the likely sentence you can expect if convicted of drink driving in England and Wales.

You may know that drink driving carries a mandatory minimum 12 month driving disqualification. The penalty imposed by the court depends upon a number of factors including;

  1. The breath, blood or urine result
  2. Any aggravating features making the case more serious (i.e. bad driving, car accident, passengers etc...)
  3. The level of impairment
  4. Any previous convictions
  5. Your behaviour in police custody  

All magistrates use sentencing guidelines in the Magistrates' Court. The purpose of the sentencing guidelines is to ensure that the sentenced imposed by the court is fair, just and proportionate to the crime committed. The guidelines also help to achieve consistency when sentencing in different courts across the country. You can find the Drink Driving Sentencing Guidelines below. 

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