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M.A.J. Law are a leading motoring defence practice that specialise in fighting for motorists nationwide. Challenging motoring offences is at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves as being the only family-run motoring defence firm in the UK.

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What makes us different? 

As a family-run practice we understand what is important. A criminal conviction doesn’t just impact you, it impacts the people around you, the people that mean the most to you. Our approach to legal representation is different. Unlike other production-line practices, we value and respect every person who requires our services. Winning cases is always a team effort.

Choosing the right solicitor for your case

We believe the following key points are vital to an unbeatable legal team.

  • Proven Track Record. We are completely transparent with our success figures. Whilst we do not quote them unless you ask for them, we are extremely proud of our results.
  • Family Practice. Our team truly care about the clients that instruct us and the results that we achieve.
  • Cost Certainty. Quality legal representation shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg! We only work on a fixed fee basis, meaning you know what the case will cost from the outset.
  • Unrivalled Experience. Many defence strategies that we develop are unique to our firm. In fact, we’re so experienced in this area, we can often outline the best approach during our first phone call. We may even quote specific case law and explain how this can benefit your circumstances.
  • Nationwide Coverage. Some people choose to instruct a solicitor based upon their location. We ask that you instruct a solicitor based on their expertise. We represent clients across England and Wales.
  • Human Rights. We believe that every person has the right to a fair trial, no matter what the circumstances. Being charged with a criminal offence will not make you guilty of it. It’s crucial that you take the opportunity to check the evidence against you.

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